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David David, Early 20's, Fort Worth

Being able to have someone actually move my knee back into place is something that was different and helpful and my knee was able to align and get stronger because of that and to have someone work on the muscles within my knee was very helpful - I'm able to run again, run without hurting... If you try to fight through something without help you aren't going to get much better. I'm a person that always says I'm fine, I'll work through it and in a while the pain will stop but that isn't always the case. As someone as who has done physical therapy in the past and also has kind of sat through an injury and not tended to it I would say try physical therapy...

Janice Janice, 50's, HEB Midcities

Honestly I didn't really think about physical therapy for my back, I just though it was something that I had to wait until it got better. It was pretty bad - on some days I felt like I couldn't really function. Just doing normal things, getting up out of bed, bending over, pulling something out of the cabinet - they hurt! I had started to think that I was just going to be that way for the rest of my life! The pain that I was going through was so bad and any discomfort that you have from therapy is minimal and then it relieves the pain... Now that my back has gotten a lot better I've been able to get back to a lot of the stuff that I used to be able to do and I enjoy feeling strong again!

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