Knee Pain - Which Of The Common Costly Mistakes Will You Make When Trying To End Knee Pain Successfully?

FREE REPORT: “7 Simple Ways to Stop Nagging Chronic Knee Pain... Without Taking Painkillers, Living on Anti‑Inflammatories, Injections or Having to Wear a Brace”

Learn how to ease knee pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!

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Specialist Physical Therapist

A Personal Message From Specialist Physical Therapist Jeff Rau,

THIS REPORT, is for the person suffering from the anguish of Knee Pain.

Do you know the ANGUISH? Lying in bed at night, not being able to sleep because you have a dull “Tooth Ache” pain in your knee which just won't go away. Or the “sharp pain” keeping you from living your life, and has you reaching for the bottle of pills you know will only cover over the pain, but can never fix it.

Somewhere inside you realize the painkillers are NOT the solution, because you know they are not good for your body. “Just resting” until the pain goes away is not really working, and actually may be even worse for your body than taking the pills.

Over the past 24 years I've been working on a daily basis to help people aged 35+ find relief from acute and chronic knee pain. What I can tell you is the unhealthy cocktail mix of “more rest” and more painkillers will do nothing to get to the root cause of most types of chronic knee pain… and may even be moving you further away from actually finding relief.

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the number of people suffering needlessly with pain. I’ve written a nine page report which details the 9 things ANY person can do to start to find relief for aches and pain, naturally.

I want you to have this report at NO CHARGE.

Now I don’t know if these 9 things will relieve you of your knee pain completely.

And I can’t promise what has worked for most of my patients and clients over the last 24 years will also work for you.

However, reading this report has to be better than just more resting, or thinking “this is just what happens with age” or worse to just mask the problem by taking more pills.

If your knee pain is affecting your life, keeping you from spending quality time with your family, keeping you from doing your work, or from the activity which puts a twinkle in your eye. You NEED to read this FREE report.

I want you to imagine how life would be in five years from know if you DON’T get a handle on your knee pain NOW. How will you knee pain affect your ability to excel at your work, your preservation of self worth ,and even your independence? Will you be the person your family wants to live with, or a fun person to be around? Will you be able to care for your family and enjoy life with your friends? OK, you get my drift.

Its time to request my free tips report… do that by calling the clinic at 817 918 3667, or CLICK the orange button below and confirm your details.

There are a limited number of free copies of this report available — so please request your copy today.


Jeff Rau

Author and Leading US Manual Physical Therapist

FREE REPORT: “7 Simple Ways to Stop Nagging Chronic Knee Pain... Without Taking Painkillers, Living on Anti‑Inflammatories, Injections or Having to Wear a Brace”

Learn how to ease knee pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!

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“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Treatment At Jeff Rau Physical Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

My history includes multiple surgeries and a progressive disease. I knew I was compensating and growing weak in large muscle groups, but did not know how much until I started receiving treatment from Jeff. As a health care professional, I arrived for my assessment reporting what I thought was the main issue. I couldn’t have been more wrong, because by the time I sought therapy I was compensating all over. Jeff is skilled at staying unbiased, an expert in his manual skills, and well versed in letting the body guide him as to which way to progress the treatment. Treatments are packed full of alternative approaches to eliminating the issue, education and practical home programs. The benefits are welcomed. They have allowed me increased function with less fatigue and pain in all my daily activities. I still require further intervention and will continue treatments. Thank you Jeff for your exceptional abilities to see past the obvious, confidence in your skills, ability to listen to the clients needs, life altering treatments and acknowledgement of being second.

- Michelle, Late 40s, Keller

Before coming to see Jeff, I had been in and out of physical therapy for almost 6 years after an exercise-related injury had resulted in two hip surgeries and two knee procedures. Not much had helped by way of controlling my pain and keeping my symptoms at bay – I would feel better for a little while, but once regular therapy stopped, my pain would return. I had gone from being very physically active (working out, yoga, dancing, etc.) to being in pain most of the time.

I first heard about manual therapy from a physical therapist years early that I had been going to for therapy, but she was early on in her training. I also had a friend that had seen one of Jeff’s colleagues in the past, and she recommended manual therapy highly.  After months and months of my pain getting progressively worse, I finally decided that I was tired of not being active and not being able to even climb stair or sit on my couch to relax without having pain.

I started working with Jeff in July 2015. At first I had been very hesitant because my injuries had caused the need to so much physical therapy in the past, but after a few sessions I was already seeing improvement in my pain level and my ability to accomplish every day activities without additional pain. Because my pain had subsided tremendously, I started working out again after about 6 months after my first session – at first it was one to two times per week, but it was more than nothing and it gave me hope. Eventually, Jeff and I starting working on fitness goals versus pain management.

This past summer I bought a bike and am now training for a 150-mile bike ride to take place in May 2017. It is amazing to think that in less than two years, I have gone from completely inactive and in almost constant pain to training for a major event. If anyone is considering starting physical therapy with Jeff, I would highly recommend it. I am able to be the active person that I once was and look forward to continued health because of the time I have been able to work with Jeff.

- Stacie, Early 30's, Dallas

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