Is There Anything That Can Help the Pain Down the Back of My Leg?

“I have pain down the back of my leg, it’s been there for 2 years and all the doctor does is give me pills and injections, but it won’t go away. There is nothing that can help!”

Or is there?

I recently talked to a lady at church who told me her story. She was convinced there was no hope for her leg and back pain. She had just resigned herself to live with her pain, and she just knew there was nothing else which could be done, and therefore she had stopped even asking for options.

Does this sound like you?

She knew I was a therapist but she never even asked me THE QUESTION.


The question we can get so tired of asking because we have been disappointed so many times.

“Is there any hope for my pain, other than just pills, injections or a dreaded surgery?”

The WORST question is the question we never ask!!!

So many people I talk to have this same story. It really breaks my heart when i hear the hopelessness and despair, because I have felt it too. I’ve felt the frustration of not knowing where to turn to get answers.

Yet, the truth is there is hope in continuing to ask questions. But it does make a difference where, to whom, and what your question is.

The good news in THIS STORY is she was open to asking what could be done to help her!

First she came in for a free discovery session and found out what was the main problem. Secondly, we discussed her options.

And Now for the Really Good News…

It only took 3 sessions for her to start to notice a difference in her ability to walk and stand at work all day with much less leg pain. She could hardly believe it.

Have you found yourself to be like this lady? Assuming there is nothing else can be done, and so you stopped asking questions?

Or you just don’t know who to ask… or who will really listen to your question???

Well at Jeff Rau R&R Physical Therapy, we love to listen to people’s story, to hear and answer their questions. We help people figure out what’s really going on before we suggest any solutions.

If you would like to talk to someone on the phone who understands what it’s like to be frustrated and not even not what questions to ask, call us at 817 918 3667.

You have nothing to lose, and may potentially learn there is more hope than you thought…

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