4 Reasons Why It Is Easier To NOT Make A Decision

Have you ever asked yourself….


Maybe a better way to ask that question is … How many times a day do I ask myself that question.

How about you?

Well if you NEVER question your decisions, just click off this article, because it is not for you.

However, if you feel decision making is too hard and it is easier to NOT MAKE A DECISION… then this is written for you.

Here are some common reasons we tell ourselves it is easier to not a make a decision:

Reason #1

If I don’t make a decision then I wont be proven wrong… again”.

Making a poor decision can be very painful and it the memory of that bad experience is locked in our being…so much so that we want to avoid having that bad experience again… so we choose not to make a decision…hoping in this way we can avoid the pain of a poor choice.

Reason #2

It takes too much of my energy to make a decision.”

Sometimes we can be so tired from all the OTHER things we are facing that to have to make a decision feels like it will push us over the edge. So it is easier to conserve energy and let someone else decide for us.

Reason #3

I really can’t see what’s the best option.”

The choices look too much alike. Vanilla or Chocolate, Treatment A or B, Physical Therapy Clinic ABC or XYZ.

Reason #4

I am afraid or anxious of the outcome, so it’s easier to stick my head in the sand than it is to risk seeing the difficult or painful.”

For a good article on anxiety and how it affects of decision making:



If you don’t decide… someone or something WILL DECIDE IT FOR YOU… and THAT really is a lose of control of your life.

So What can be done?

  • Get more information to help you know the differences between choice A or B
  • Have someone along side you to help you
  • Remember it is impossible to steer a ship that is not moving!

So even if we make one wrong decision… at least we are moving forward and can make a course correction.

Yes sometimes we make mistakes that cannot be undone, but much of the time we are able to learn from it which helps us to move forward.

And the GOOD NEWS… is this is exactly what Jeff Rau Physical Therapy does… we walk alongside you to help you.

We help you get good information, so you know what your options are, and what those options mean to you. We help you to know what to do with that information, how to learn from it and how to use it help you make good decisions…

Decisions that help you move forward…. and which you can feel confident in.

So what are you waiting for?

Why not lift up the phone or text your question to Jeff Rau Physical Therapy

I hope this has been helpful for you.



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