The Relief of Knowing… What It Is… And What It’s Not – Why One Lady Said That Bad News Was Actually Good News…

Are you like most people that dread going to the doctor to get ANOTHER TEST? How about dreading getting the call to say that your results were negative?

My wife told me today that the bad news she got recently was actually good news. Does that sound crazy?…

If you are interested to hear what she said and why it actually made a lot of sense, read on…

Today, I got a call from a client who told me she had gone to the Dr for the results of her sleep study. (PS I do have permission to tell this story :))

Turns out she has sleep apnea and she stops breathing 25 times every hour…. and she normally sleeps 8 hours/night…. so that means she STOPS BREATHING close to 200 times EVERY NIGHT.

FRIGHTFUL…. Don’t you agree?

So WHY was this good news?

For years this client has not slept well, and it has really affected her whole life, low energy and immune system and then having difficulty with eating and even her GI.

Again, so WHY was this good news? She told me that she FINALLY KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG and then she knew what she needed to do.

On the phone she even sounded relieved!!!

And all that from HEARING BAD NEWS.

Well that is exactly WHY we, at Jeff Rau Physical Therapy like to do the Discovery session for people. So they can find out what is going on and have the relief of what it is and maybe more importantly WHAT IT IS NOT.

Would you agree… Much of the time we don’t want to know what’s going on, because we just don’t know if there will be anything to do about it.

And maybe worse, we don’t know who we would need to see to help us with it.


THIS is EXACTLY why we provide FREE Information to people, so they can RELAX and KNOW what’s going on and what they can do to put themselves back in control, plus help them to make an educated, informed decision they can feel comfortable with.

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