7 Great Things to Do in DFW if You Didn’t Have Back Trouble

There really is a TON of amazing things to do in the DFW area with your family or friends, but unfortunately there are people here in DFW who find it really hard or impossible to enjoy these attractions due to suffering from back trouble.

Click here to read the blog or click the video and discover the 7 top things to do in DFW without back trouble and how you can enjoy it.

1. Dallas By Chocolate.

This is an eating tour of the chocolate shops in Dallas. I could describe this but…. “You really had me at the word… CHOCOLATE.”

More: dallasbychocolate.com

2. Urban Adventure Quest.

Want to get outdoors now that it is starting to cool off, with family or friends for an interactive, at your own pace tour using your Smart Phone. (2 in Dallas and 1 in Fort Worth)

More: urbanadventurequest.com

3. Dallas World Aquarium.

It’s a leisurely walk in a cool tropical indoor environment. Family fun.

Not only are some people not enjoying life to the fullest, playing with their kids or grandkids, and just getting through the day without nagging aches and pains, but they are worrying about doing too much and really paying for it later. The DFW area is full of amazing places and activities to see and do, but back troubles can significantly limit you from enjoying them.

More: dwazoo.com

4. Sundance Square, Fort Worth.

Casual walk, stop and shop…. and eat! Even an open access WATER FOUNTAIN to walk through with your kids. You can even rent bicycles and ride around. Its a place I even feel safe to take my wife at night for just window shopping and a late hot chocolate/coffee.

More: sundancesquare.com

Are you one of those who fears getting out of the house for too long? Are you scared to go out and about to enjoy the things DFW has to offer? Can you see yourself walking in the Gardens of Fort Worth or Dallas with your loved one.

Does sitting cause pain which keeps you from driving to different parts of this city of from going to one of the great theaters in town. Does thinking about walking and sitting while on a chocolate tour in Dallas cause you fear of waking up the next day? Are you NOT taking in the sites and sounds of the Great City because you are so concerned you will not enjoy it because of your nagging pain and toll you know you will have to pay afterwards?

IF so, there is HOPE for you, or someone you love who continues to suffer.

5. Grapevine Lake and/or White Rock Lake:

Miles of outdoor bike rentals and riding trails, picnic areas, hiking, camping, fishing and water access. Its close but with the wind in your hair and surrounded by trees a lake and miles of trials…. it feels far away.

More: grapevinetexasusa.com/things-to-do/recreation/trails/ and dallasparks.org/235/White-Rock-Lake

Does getting out and about, without fear of aggravating you pain sound good to you?

Would you like to get to see all that DFW has to offer and NOT have nagging aches and pains to deal with?

Have you put off getting the care and attention you need and deserve because you have been tole there is nothing that can really be done except for strong medications and possibly surgery?

Or were you told you just have to live with it? Are you depending on medications and frequent visits to the doctor to deal with your back pain?

6. Fort Worth Botanic Garden (90% of garden has free access)

The foliage is expected and they also have concerts here.

More: facebook.com/FortWorthBotanicGarden

7. Casa Mañana.

Relax for an evening of Theater in the round. Reasonable prices, good shows and the best part is there is no bad seat in the house… you feel like all the seats are up close.

More: casamanana.boxoffice-tickets.com

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