Laser Therapy: A Magic Wand to Fix Pain?

Up till now, I’ve never seen a magic wand, outside of Disney Studios, but at R&R PT, we now do have a “wand” that can help to take pain away with a few waves back and forth.

For Real… and this “wand” is called a Lightforce Class 4 Therapy Laser.

A while back I got to treat a family member with this laser. I was interested to hear her comments, and I knew she would tell me exactly how she felt… without holding back.

She’d had pain in her knee for years, and finally needed surgery and done her PT, all just so she could be able to do her work tasks.

When her knee started to ache again, she resumed doing all her exercises, but her pain continued. She even had difficulty driving her stick-shift car because of the pain.

After her first laser treatment, I waited all day to see what she would notice…. and then I got her text….

“I was amazed how much easier I could climb the 2 flights of stairs at work and even better going down, because the stairs are usually very hard for me, and I have to do up and down the stairs 3 times each day.”

Later that day she texted again:

“In the car, I could push in the clutch with less pain, still some pain and stiffness, but easier. This was awesome. Thank you.”

As a courtesy to our community R&R is inviting people to have one free treatment, so they can experience this powerful and safe treatment to see for yourself how quickly this can start to help reduce pain and swelling and improve mobility.

This Free Laser Day is Thursday, May 27th from 1am to 4pm by reservation only.

There or only a few requirements, and they are as easy as ordering a pizza!

  1. Call us to make your reservation. This allows us to ask you a few questions be sure you will not be medically disqualified.
  2. Remember to show up this Thursday the 27th!
  3. Take note how you feel prior to the session, because we will ask if or how it feels different after your session…

That’s it… no other requirements!

People who get really good results from laser treatments are those with recent or long standing aches, pains or swelling, sports injuries including sprains, strains, bruises, tendonitis or bursitis or that nagging pain after working out in the garden.

And laser treatment is painless, (many don’t “feel anything” except a bit of warmth on the skin).

Laser even helps wounds to heal, and it is even safe to use on or around these who’ve had a knee or shoulder replacement or back fusion with a metal cage, because the light just bounces off. It is safe for sports injuries or soft tissue sprains and strains.

So how can a 3-6 minute session with laser actually start to make real and lasting changes on the inside… without pain, a pill, surgery or doing an exercise?

Click Here for a video and a description from science about how the laser works to relief pain fast and make changes inside your cells.

Class 4 laser treatment, without a knife or needle is able to shine a light, through a very special laser “wand” which repairs structures in the broken cell to make 3 natural products (which are very limited or not produced when a cell is damaged) which cause the cell to immediately produce energy, to be more active and speed up healing because it repairs the damaged particles that controls circulation inside the cell.

Lasers used for therapy have been around for years, but they did not reach very deep, they were very expensive so few people access to them.

But in the last number of years laser technology has improved along with extensive research (well over 7000 research studies) to improve protocols, effectiveness and safety.

Improvements in power have allowed to treat both more superficially and deeper tissue effectively and also what used to take 30+ minutes now is a 2-4 minute treatment with the same or better results.

So in a normal 15 minute session, a person is able to have up to 2 or maybe 3 areas treated.

This is the same laser that is being used by the millionaire athletes in the NFL, NBA, also professional hockey, baseball, golf etc…

Now it is available to you, the R&R family.

During your session the clinician will review with you which plan would be best to address your situation. You may choose to make no purchases, and will have had one session to help you start to improve. Or you may choose to wait until a later date to purchase session(s), and this will be a normal session rates. Lastly you may choose to take part in our Laser-Day special pricing, by making payment in full on Thursday 27th.

We will offer at least 3 packages of treatments as follows:

Silver: 6 session pack for Acute pain: For the person whose pain has only been around for 4-8 weeks but it is not severe and is not all the time, but it still nags at them off and on. This person would benefit from a Silver Level Laser package to help get over the edge of recovery so this doesn’t come back.

Gold: 12 session pack for Chronic pain: This is for the person who has had pain for a long time, the pain is more than just a little and it is really fairly constant, who has tried every thing else and needs more help to be able to do their home exercises without pain. This is the Gold Level Laser Pack.

Platinum: 25 session Family-Share Session Package: This is best for the family where there is more than one person needing to be treated. And because we value families we are offering our lower per-session rate, when purchased all together, so you may be able to provide/protect for several family members and protect your wallet tool

The part that I as a physical therapist and a clinical exercise physiologist really love about being able to provide this new laser treatment to our services is that it actually make changes inside the cells, deep in the tissue, without surgery, or having to subject your body to the side-effects of taking strong medication.

Laser treatments do not require a medical prescription and they are provided only by trained and certified personnel.

Laser treatments are a cash-pay only service and is not reimbursable by any insurance that we work with.

To reserve your space, you must call 817 918 3667, and talk with one of the office staff.


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