COVID-19 Safety Protocol

For those of you who are wanting to come back into the clinic so you can get the hands on treatment that helps you reach your goals of keeping active, naturally with less dependence on pills or procedures… we thought you may want to know all that we are doing to keep you safe with our virus safety procedures.

What We Are Doing And Asking of our Clients in Order to Keep Everyone Safe:

  • We ask you not to attend your session if you have symptoms (coughing, fever, chills, difficulty breathing, or a family/friend that lives in your home who has these symptoms or if anyone you have been in close contact with is known to have tested positive for coronavirus. If so, please reach out to us via text or phone to let us know, so we can check in on you and also to free up your place on the schedule for others. (The late cancelation policy fees will be waived if you need to reschedule due to symptoms)
  • We may utilize contactless payment for you so there is no need to touch common devices during your appointment. For new patients, your intake paperwork will prompt you to enter this information in your secure portal. For return patients, if we don’t already have that info, we’ll send you a link to a completely secure page to provide it.
  • When you arrive, you may wait in the lobby or on our Welcome Benchjust outside our door. The staff will let you know when the treatment room is clear, meticulously cleaned and ready for you to come in and safely enjoy your treatment.
  • Therapists will thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial/antiviral soap or hand sanitizer at the beginning of each session and re-sanitize during the session after any contact with their computer/devices. Therapists may also wear gloves, upon request, if it makes you feel even more comfortable.
  • Between sessions, therapists will sanitize the room like there is about to be a surgery performed in it … going especially overboard on anything the previous client touched or that the therapist touched.

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