Hope Starts in a Question?

Did you know HOPE can start with a Question?

You may say “What do you mean, Jeff?”

Unless a person starts asking a question “Is there anything which can be done to help me?” then they can’t be ready or open for the answer…

…. even if an answer or solution is close at hand.

This is the heart of what we do here at Jeff Rau R&R Physical Therapy, we listen to people, answer questions and tell them what are their options.

Sometimes we even help people learn to ask better questions… so they can get better answers.

Examples of poor questions:

1. The worst question is the question you never ask!!

2. Another poor question is only asking “What medicine, injection or procedure can be done to help me?”

Why is this a POOR question?

This question assumes a medicine or surgery is all that can be done, and also assumes there is nothing you can do to help yourself.

Then what is a good question, or maybe a better question than those listed above?


“What is causing my problem?”

“Is there something I can do to avoid making my symptoms worse?”

“What can I do to help myself make the most of my recovery?

“Other than medicine, surgery, or even just doing exercises, what else may be an option?”

But I understand that not everyone wants to do whatever they can to find solutions.

And if you are a person who only wants to take medicine, have injections or have someone else try to fix your problem with surgery or without you giving your full participation, then Jeff Rau R&R Physical Therapy is NOT the right place for you.

BUT, if you’re a person willing to ask the BETTER questions like “what can I do to help myself?” then this may be a place for you!

If these are questions you are asking, but don’t know who to talk to. Call us.

If you just would like someone to listen to you story and to ask if we think there is something that could be done, call us, there will be someone to listen to you… someone who cares and has the skills to be able to help you.

If you are just not sure this is right for you, it’s okay to still talk to our people and find out if we are even the right people to help you.

Yes…HOPE can often start with just one question.

Call us to find out what you don’t already know.

CALL TODAY. Free phone consult: 817 918 3667


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