“I don’t have hope to get better because I don’t know what’s wrong!”

“I don’t have hope to get better because I don’t know what’s wrong!”

This is what a lady told me this week.

It made me sad inside to hear it.

She went on to describe her fear of doing any activity because it made her hurt. She knew she needed to do something, but she was not sure what.

And the doctors she had been to had not helped her to know what to do or what was going on.

What a horrible place to be in…

Locked in a cell without hope of parole…

Okay maybe not THAT bad… but then again, maybe it IS…and maybe it’s even worse than that.

When a person has NO HOPE and does not understand what’s going on…that can just cut the heart out of me or you.

Have you been there?

So what did she do? What most of us would have done…

She got on the INTERNET!!

So then, not only did she have her current symptoms, but added to that was the growing fear of what all MIGHT BE WRONG … all by doing some honest investigation about symptoms.

It’s not that reading on the internet is a bad thing, but trying to determine what is wrong only by looking at the symptoms may not lead you to the truth of a correct diagnosis.

And without a proper diagnosis, there is little chance of getting the problem fixed.

A skilled person WILL listen to the symptoms, but will also combine that with some specific tests to help determine what the problem really is.

The truth is that symptoms can be deceiving, and it may take someone else to help a person to figure that out.

FORTUNATELY for this lady, she was able to identify her key issue… specifically that she did not know what was wrong…and so she kept asking questions until she got answers.

And even by just knowing what was going on… this gave her a flicker of hope.

Hope that she did not have before!

So I encourage you to be like my client…. Keep asking questions!

Maybe even consider getting someone else’s skilled eye/touch/mind to combine with your knowledge, perceptions and thoughts so you can know what is going on and what is causing your symptoms.


If you feel that you have been caught in a similar whirlpool of uncertainty about what is going on, and would like someone to listen to you and your symptoms and to help you figure those questions out… Guess what?


That is exactly what we do here at Jeff Rau Physical Therapy.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

If you still have questions, you can email me directly: jeff@jeffraupt.com or head to Facebook and post your question there. OR why not start with a free telephone consultation to get some answers to your questions? Just click the orange button below!



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