Do You Ever Feel “There Is No Hope for Me” ?

Do you ever feel like “There is no hope, nothing can be done to help me” ?

If you feel that today… Read what this lady told me yesterday.

Yesterday on the phone a lady told me “There is no hope for change, nothing can be done to help the pain or the struggle to move. I’ve tried all the doctors, done all the tests for at least a year of scans, and shots. I’ve seen the specialists and they just say the condition will never change.”

What a horrible place to be in, not knowing where to go and thinking there is nothing that can be done to help or even to give a little relief.

She had spent over a year and countless dollars searching for answers and to find some much needed relief.… and then the doctors threw up their hands.

Someone suggested therapy, so she went not knowing what to expect. She went to a PT at a hospital and the therapist told her… “There is nothing I really can do to help your pain. I can just teach to you skills to live with it”.

She totally lost any and all hope.

Unfortunately, I get it… I actually hear this from quite a few of the women and men I work with.

People think they have tried it all and they are exhausted, frustrated and feel like they don’t even have the energy to try ONE MORE APPOINTMENT.

About 3 months ago I heard a client tell me a similar story. He’d had pain for 10 years, 4 surgeries and still had his pain. He even had to quit his job not being able to concentrate because of his pain. He had lost hope too.

So when he came to me he did not have hope, but he allowed himself space to borrow my hope for a little while.

He was willing to try coming in for ONE session just to see if anything else could be done.

That was 3 months ago.

After 4 sessions he told me he was sleeping better than he had in years. About a month ago I called to see how he was doing and he told me about his transformation. With the changes he noticed he was starting to have hope… and actually felt like interviewing for a job to provide for his family. Just a few days ago I got a text telling me he is starting a new job this month.

And all this from just borrowing my hope… until he could find his own.

Click play on the video below to see Joey tell more of his story…

I hope this has been helpful for you.

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