Sleep Stories (Part Three) – He Thought THIS Was Normal!

Following on from part one and part two in this series on sleep… this one made ME laugh.

About 4 months ago I was treating a young athlete who was preparing for a college athletic program. We were working on his shoulder pain, and as a matter of course I asked him if he had any pain when he woke in the AM.

He told me he woke up with pain and then said this.

“But I thought it was normal or to be expected”

He then admitted he had got used this morning pain because his shoulder had hurt for so long.

I then showed him how to get into a position for sleep so his shoulder and neck would not hurt.

A most interesting thing happened at his next session.

My client’s MOTHER, who drove him to the therapy session, when I asked how he was sleeping… she blurted out… MY neck pain of 16 years was GONE after doing what you told MY SON to do… I wish I had done this YEARS AGO…. I was planning to come and see you for my neck pain after I finished helping my son… BUT NOW I DON’T NEED THERAPY!!

We ALL laughed at this… and were happy to have BOTH the mom and her son waking without out symptoms…

… Even though, both of them admitted they thought they “were SUPPOSED TO HAVE PAIN IN THE MORNING”.

If you would like to listen the video from the nerve doctor, that really helped my client… here is Dr Stash Gomniak’s presentation on sleep… if you are pressed for time and only have 10 minutes, start at about minute 50 of her talk.

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