Sleep Stories (Part Two) – After 2 Weeks of the New Routine…

In part one of this blog I talked about the dramatic effects of changing old habits.

Today I’m going to talk about what this client started to do differently and what were the HUGE improvements she noticed?

She heard that she may be needing MORE sleep and this may have been the hardest thing to change because she is a single mom and thus very busy caring for her family. And so she would often not get to bed until 12 or 12.30pm, getting only 6 hours of sleep. Even though she had “other things to get done” she decided the BEST way to get these things done was to take care of herself and to let her body get the rest that it needed. At least she was willing to try and see how it worked.

After watching a video from a Neurological doctor, she decided to made a change in the amount of Vitamin D she was ingesting.

After 2 weeks of this NEW ROUTINE, this is what she had noticed. Her energy level that she had been struggling with, despite doing regular exercises for years, FINALLY was making a HUGE increase. She also has been diagnosed with a disorder that continually progresses, limits your coordination, strength, and even had affected her ability to walk, and not allowed her to run in years.

UNTIL SHE STARTED TO GET MORE SLEEP and to regulate her vitamin intake. She told me that several days ago (about 2 weeks after making her sleep habit changes) her daughter was just a bit late getting out of the house to catch the school bus, and my client was able to run a city block, without any hesitation, any uncoordination, and even without huge fatigue, which she had known to be her normal for the past several years.

“If I had not made the changes to my sleep habits, there is no way I could have done anything close to what I did.

THANK YOU so much for telling me about sleep and suggesting I consider a change. And AGAIN, if ever you ask me to do something and I don’t do it… please refuse to let me come for therapy”

She now EXPERIENCES that when her body was able to get the rest it needs, the body is able to help itself heal and restore itself, in combination with the good things we can learn to do for ourselves in therapy and with the right kind of exercise, activity and rest. My client was so excited she was not sure to laugh or cry… and her excitement was palpable.

I actually have numerous people tell me similar accounts.

Want to hear another success story about SLEEP that made me laugh? Watch out for PART 3 on of this series coming very soon!

If you would like to listen the video from the nerve doctor, that really helped my client… here is Dr Stasha Gomniak’s youtube video on sleep… if you are pressed for time and only have 10 minutes, start at about minute 50 of her talk.


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